Real Estate Consulting & Client Advisory  


Start-ups to Fortune 15s.

All require a workplace to house your people and assets, but that doesn't mean this is necessarily your company's core skill.    
Start-ups have a myriad of needs to get your product or service to the customer. You’re presented with many ways to address this, but an unbiased voice may be just what you need to really launch your business. 

Legacy enterprises should view their real estate  portfolio as a financial asset. How do you know if you are managing these assets at their highest and best value?

Adaptable & Flexible Services

Portfolio & Processes

Legacy Assets
  • Alignment with business objectives
  • Market facing highest/best use planning
  • Consolidation/disposition planning

New Start-up Opportunities
  • Program development
  • Network/business development
  • Competitive team sourcing/site acquisition

  • Organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Workflow processes/design
  • Investment decision-making

Programs, Projects & Partners

Program Requirements Review
  • Development process and ownership
  • Roll-out strategies
  • Communication strategies

Sourcing Strategy
  • Supply chain partnerships
  • Owner risk mitigation
  • Scope, schedule, scope controls

Project Execution
  • Design/construction phase(s) QA
  • Scope, schedule, cost material change process
  • Commissioning: Owner’s Acceptance

Quality Control
  • Service level agreements
  • Key service measurements
  • Operations reviews

Facility Management
  • Age, condition, reliability, and energy  audits
  • CapEx budgeting process
  • Customer experience management